Thank you for visiting our site

Thank you for visiting our site

Meiwa Gravure Co., Ltd is the biggest manufacturer of PVC tablecloth in Japan with the longest history of 65 years, having the market share more than 85% in Japan. 
We are also actively exporting our products to overseas markets.  For overseas markets, our main items are tablecloths and window decoration film.  These two items are now distributed widely in many countries through our existing partners.

In principle, for tablecloth/window film business, we have one distributor for our brand in each country/area, and most of our partners, we have done business with for more than 20 - 30 years.

On Alibaba.com, we are in seek for distributors for our new product lines other than tablecloths and window films. 
We are focusing on developing new items that other manufacturers cannot make. 
So we are expecting our new customers to introduce such new products into their markets, and hopefully we can find a long term partner.

Company profile

We are a maker, creating functional and useful goods from a flexible perspective.

Since being the first in Japan to successfully use gravure printing on flexible polyvinyl chloride film, Meiwa Gravure has remained at the top of the industry. Meiwa Gravure focuses on people's day-to-day lives and performs integrated productions of all processes, from the technology development and the design to completion of products that suit the sensibilities of the times. We use our extensive creative abilities and outstanding technological capabilities to continuously provide new values to customers.

Meiwa Gravure Co., Ltd

Business description Sales and manufacturer of interior and industrial materials applying
Photolithography, Print, Laminate, and Mold print technology.
Year of Establishment February 26, 1953
Registered capital JPY320,000,000

12-28 Higashi Osaka City, Osaka, 577-8510

URL : http://www.mggn.co.jp

Factories Higashi Osaka-City(Osaka pref.), Gyoda-City(Saitama Pref.)
Sales offices/branches 10 places in major cities
Number of employee 330
Sales JPY11,700,000,000 (2016)

Interior Section

Interior Section

We use distinctive technologies in day-to-day situations to create comfortable living spaces.  We are an interior maker.

Our technique utilized in the interior space.  Looking at people's lives, including the top share tablecloth, we are delivering comfort and new value of living space.  Our staffs and designers in planning department are thoroughly considering trends of the times, changes in lifestyle, needs of the people, etc. We are planning our own brand products leading to comfortable living.

Industrial material Section

Industrial material Section

The tremendous potential of our technologies supports new proposals in a wide-range of fields. We are a process manufacturer that can fulfill customer needs.

Our technology is utilized in resin processing technology, and we are delivering our own original products that meet the needs of the times. Printing technology with a history of more than 50 years, gravure printing, laminating and embossing technology, mold printing technology enabling resin form - impossible to be made by other molding methods, etc.

Our technology has contributed to the demands of changing industrial society along with the change of the times. The field of our activity has expanded to interior, leisure, stationery, materials related to daily life such as toys, and industrial related materials such as electronics. "Provide new values with new technology". We are a processing maker that realizes customer needs.

Industrial material Section

In order to meet the various needs, we have made the clean room. Gravure printing and coating process have been enabled in the controlled environment. Capturing the needs of the times, using water ink, our manufacturing is environmentally friendly.

Electric parts Section

Electric parts Section

UV Mold Print, contributing to ubiquitous society. We are a pioneer of UV molding such as key sheets, etc.

Mold printing method key sheet which combines the advantages of sheet switch and mold switch -- only in the world. Proper concavo-convex expression is the ideal for machine tools and medical science and chemistry instruments that require reliable operability.

Outstanding dust-proof, water-proof and oil-proof are indispensable for control panel of industrial equipment used in harsh environment and of water heater.
The combination of delicate stereoscopic representation and versatile printing also improves the design of household appliances, office automation equipment, etc. The sheet-like structure also helps to reduce the thickness of switches and to reduce labor in assembly.
And now, the keyboards for mobile phones, the overhead decorative parts, which made use of this feature, the structural materials of heat-resistant switches capable of handling the solder reflow process are highly valued around the world. We are a unique key sheet maker.

Overseas Section

A global business with a far-reaching perspective and production bases to ensure stable supplies.



The establishment of P.T. Meiwa Indonesia is in 1972. The history is more than 40 years.
We own two factories in the outskirts of Jakarta, not only as our overseas production base, but also interior materials for automobiles such as urethane foam for seats and covers, seat for motorcycles, production of industrial related materials for the locale etc. As one of the manufacturers supporting Indonesia's key industry, we have received unwavering trust and high evaluation from users.



We are vigorously developing and selling products such as tablecloths, shower curtains, window decorative sheets, etc. for the global interior market. "MEIWA" is acknowledged worldwide as the brand of cutting-edge products.s



Factories in Japan

With the latest facilities and systems, we are generating cutting-edge technologies.

Head Office / Osaka Factory

Head Office / Osaka Factory

Osaka factory is located in the city of Osaka - so called "business city" neighborhood, and it is a factory in the convenient location. In Osaka factory, we are manufacturing solventless water gravure printing, laminating, embossing, mold printing technology, industrial materials for medical, electronics and building materials, key sheets and so on. In addition, we are playing a central role in new product development and new technology development as a manufacturer headquarters function. We have been honored to receive the awards of "Japan Printing Industry Federation and Chairman Award" in 2002, and "Osaka Environmental Awards and Encouragement Award" by water gravure printing.

Gyoda Factory

Gyoda Factory

Gyoda factory is a main factory with a variety of production facilities and technology on the site of 33,000M2. Wide ranges of products, ranging from interior products such as tablecloths, shower curtains, window decorative sheets, etc., promotional POP products, long flooring materials etc to other advanced industrial materials are manufactured by our consistent production equipment, including a special molding technology such as electronic engraving and Pedion sheet. In addition, we are aiming for energy conservation, preventing the diffusion of organic solvent solutions, and acting as a factory with the aim of maintaining the global environment in mind.

Table decoration sheet by Meiwa Gravure made in Japan [search word->> home decor items wholesale price

Our aim is "Value Creating Company"

We are the first manufacturer in Japan, which industrialized gravure printing technology on PVC films. We have developed the following

  • Rolls and molds used with accumulated photoengraving technology
  • Our own machine designed and made by us
  • Ink, treatment agent, Molded Resin, etc according to needs

y application development of world unique mold printing besides gravure printing, coating, laminating, embossing based on the above technical capabilities, we have developed as a unique company manufacturing various products covering from household, building material, civil engineering material to electronic parts.

At the top of management policy, we raise "Development and creation of the products no one can make", always working on developing new products and new technologies. Through these works, we have acquired many patents. We are actively working on the environment. Our Osaka factory is one of the first factory in the industry as solventless waterprint factory. Our Gyoda factory has installed exhaust gas purification device. We are also making efforts to improve quality, acquiring ISO9001:2008.

We have seven sales branches in Japan to keep improving our service through our sales networks.

We started to work to internationalize ourself earlier, starting from technical supports to Taiwan in 1956, and exporting plants to USA, Philippines, Thailand and China. Especially, P.T. Meiwa Indonesia established in 1972 is growing, having two factories with 1600 employees as one of manufactures supporting key industries in Indonesia, and as our group production base. We are strengthen our sales organization for international markets. We are distributing our latest products around the globe, such as North America, South America, Europe, Middle East, Asia, and Africa. It has been more than 60 years since the establishment of Meiwa Gravure Co., Ltd. We will keep on making extraordinary efforts for being the company, contributing to the society through creation of new products, new technologies, new service, and the new value.


  • We always make best efforts to the daily works to contributions to the public and eternal prosperity of business.
  • We make strong connections heart to heart, regardless of the positions and ages, to live a happy and hopeful life.
  • We develop and create the products, that we can take pride in and get evaluated all over the world, by sophisticating our originality and technology.


  • Development and creation of the products no one can make
    We are always making best efforts to satisfy our customers through the development of new technologies, new products and new services.
  • Rationalization at every aspect
    We are proceeding rationalization for cost control at every aspect and supplying our products of prospective value and quality with best prices. And we are making the profits for everlasting future.
  • Dedicated behaviors and minds for sales
    We are always dedicated to improve ourselves and keeping the fair and sincere business in our minds. Thus, we are getting expected and trusted by customers and society.
  • Activation of organizations and workplaces
    We are improving our skills and minds by the spirits of "invention and challenge", "autonomy and growth" and "discipline and harmony". Thus, we are making the environment of our workplaces activated and motivated.

Complying with law and regulations, in order to perform quality policies, we set up president policy, each department manager policy and quality target, and developing them into specific actions so that we are working on continuous improvement of quality management system.

Technology, products, materials


Engraving technology Gravure electronic engraving technology, mold engraving technology, pedion engraving technology.
Printing technology Gravure printing technology, Mold printing technology, Resin letterpress printing technology, Gravure offset printing technology, UV technology, 3D printing technology, paste printing technology, synchronized printing technology, silk printing technology
Processing technology Calendar technology, Laminate technology, Paste technology, Melt extrusion technology,Natural embossing technique, UV anti-fouling coating technology, Coating foaming technology, Sewing technology, Welder technology, High frequency technology, Ultrasonic technology, Vacuum forming technology, Punching technology, Pipe processing technology, Urethane casting technology, Epoxy molding technology, Compression molding technology, Paint lens molding technology, Injection molding technology, Multilayer laminating technology

Living goods

Interior products Tablecloth, lace tablecloth, placemat, Suit rocker, Accordion curtain, shower curtain,, cafe curtain, cushion floor, needle punch, Joint mat, hot carpet cover, glass look seat, Window Decoration, Wall Decoration, doily scarf
Leisure goods Leisure Seat, Play Mat, Beach Ball, Float
Pet goods Non slip seat deodorant mat, Nail scratch protection sheet, Pet slope, Cat tunnel
Miscellaneous goods Special leather, special quilt, synthetic resin toy, POP, Novelty storage, Cover, Footwear,Umbrellas, Goodwill, Antimicrobial deodorant mildew-proof treated nonwoven fabric, Bus / toiletries printed taffeta, floor chair, partition, Interior Accessory, Furniture
Gardening Awnings, heat shield mats, weed protection sheets, leather aprons, vinyl chloride for agriculture, multifunctional gardening net
Clothing Jumper, Apron


Automobile Seat for a motorcycle, Seat for a four-wheeled vehicle, Headrest seat cover, Urethane foam frame, Various parts (various materials such as ceiling floor mat visor door visor door trim), Automotive flooring materials


Electronics Exterior parts (calculator,watch, mobile phone, digital camera),Machine operation panel (electronic equipment keyboard, mobile phone, water heater operation panel, Switch operation sheet)
Weak electricity Vacuum filter (insect-proof filter, antibacterial deodorant filter), Hot carpet parts


Building ,civil engineering plywood cosmetic material, tile, artificial turf, Antifouling tent, Tarpaulin, long-length flooring material PVC (vinyl chloride) made tile, protective sheet


Medical Dental X-ray Numbering Package, Surgical Sheet, bandage, Medical Urine Bag, Incontinence Sheet, Dry Mesh

Company History

Feb.  1953 Foundation.
Nov.  1960  Inauguration of Headquarter and factory in Osaka.
May  1968 Inauguration of factory in Gyoda.
Sep.  1972 Established PT.MEIWA INDONESIA.
Feb.  1994 Developed water-ink gravure printing first in the world.
AUG. 1994  Acquired JIS for Gyoda factory.
Feb.  1995  Technology award(Mold-printing process) by the Japanese Society and Printing    Science. 
Nov.  2004 Acquired ISO9001:2000 for Headquarter and factory in Osaka.
Jan.  2006 Acquired ISO9001:2000 for Gyoda factory.
Oct.  2010  Renewed and acquired ISO9001:2008.
Oct.  2015  Renewed and acquired ISO9001:2015.

Head Office / Osaka Factory

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